Inspiring Typography and Cool Graphic Fonts to Buy

Inspiring Typography and Cool Graphic Fonts to Buy

Aside from cool graphics, Blue Penguin offer many different fonts for you to buy. These can be used to make your own slogan, logo or to decorate your online store with cool typography. With there being so many to choose from, we’ve made a list of the top fonts we believe would improve any design or site.




This font stands out immediately and is sure to get the attention of any audience. The big letters make it easy to read and are compact enough to fit wherever you want. This friendly font is sure to suit any design!




This font is a classic. Whether it be for a personal project or commercial, this will suit many different colours and styles, with a retro and unique approach. Leave your mark with this versatile typewriter-style writing. 


This one is for all of the artists out there. If you’re creative and are looking for an innovative way to express your designs, then this font is for you. The paintbrush font is friendly and has an extremely pleasing aesthetic!



Blunt and simple, and no complications. It gives a cool edge to your graphic design and stands out. We definitely recommend using this font for any projects or people that are bold, abrasive and assertive.



This font is fun and lively. In a funky, kids style writing, these letters can be used to express bold and abstract phrases. This is particularly popular with younger audiences and can be used on many different backgrounds and designs.



If you were looking for a retro style, that was completely versatile and edgy, then this font is for you. Aside from standing out and being quirky, this font is a good way to break from the norm and make sure your content gets the attention it deserves.



A classic throwback to the hip 70’s. This groovy font is a style that is sure to go down well with all audiences. It’s fun, works well with all colors and fits perfectly with the current ‘old school’ trend.



With the holidays coming up, this is a true favourite. It’s delicate and cute, meaning it works well with all holiday-themed shirts, websites or for your graphic designs.



This one is simple and quaint. If you wanted something that looks elegant and does this job, this is it. The placement of the font allows you to fit more context in a small space too, meaning you can say everything you wanted to say. Polished and perfected for any occasion.

For more cool typography visit our full fonts'portfolio

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