Trendiest Graphics to Sell on Clothing for Christmas

Trendiest Graphics to Sell on Clothing for Christmas

As the holidays come around, your opportunity for selling will increase massively. Sales in online apparel multiply massively during Christmas with people buying presents for their loved ones. You’ll want to make sure your clothing designs fit with the latest trends in order to utilise this period. So, before you launch your next clothing range, check out this festive list of our best Christmas graphics.

Santa Floss Dance Vector Illustration

Santa can move for his age! This fun graphic appeals to the younger audience as well as fun adults. It’s one of our best selling designs that truly brings Santa to life. Aside from that fact that flossing is one of the most popular crazes out there, seeing a lovable character do it is all the more fun.

santa floss dance vector cartoon clipart illustration

Snowman Waving Vector Illustration

This snowman is an absolute icon of Christmas. With his kind smile and dynamic pose, you can see why it’s one of our most popular designs. Plus, its colors are flexible, allowing it to go on many designs, colors and shapes of clothing. This truly is a design for everyone.


Christmas Cookie Standing Vector Illustration

This warm graphic brings a smile to everyone, and why wouldn’t it? This friendly face is a great friendly and festive design that perfectly sums up christmas. It looks so good, you could almost eat him!


Mrs Santa Reading Gift List Vector Illustration

SHE’S making a list. Check this out! (twice).  Mrs Claus has her own debut and rightly so. There’s something cheerful about this design and that’s probably why it’s so popular. 


Reindeer Dabbing Christmas Vector Illustration

Dasher? More like dabber. This cool graphic is the perfect mix of style and the holidays. Combine the fun of Christmas with the skill of this pose and make a statement. One of our most lovable characters will help your clothing sales soar! 


Santa Claus Shirt Costume Suit Clipart

This is an extremely clever and popular graphic that, when worn, allows everyone to copy Santa’s style. It’s cool design will get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Great for costume parties or christmas card photos, this outfit lets you be the big man himself. We think that’s a ‘merry’ good design!


Llama with Christmas Outfit Standing Vector Clipart

A hit new trend is anything llama related. Whether it be the mascot or the cuteness of these animals, there is no denying they’re extremely popular currently. That’s why this Christmas llama is one of our best featured graphics. This furry friend would be the perfect Christmas present and graphic to complete a hot new wardrobe.


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