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Ecommerce Holiday Calendar For 2021

Ecommerce Holiday Calendar For 2021

With 2021 about to begun, Ecommerce merchants are still searching for ways that may help them to get ahead of the competition and to make the most of this year’s expected boom in online sales. What better way to prepare for the windfall than a global Ecommerce calendar offering information about online markets and some useful tips about international and local events. A calendar that will maximize your sales potential on both the domestic front and the global market. An Ecommerce holiday calendar that will help you to plan all of your online activities and important business and marketing campaigns for 2021.

Q4 planning is definitely the way forward because planning slow and steady throughout the year will always win the race. By adding an Ecommerce calendar to your website such as an online store, it will encourage your platform visitors to make particular purchases at certain times of the year. Like those consumers who are hunting for popular Black Friday sales, or Cyber Monday, Mother’s Day, and the crazy Christmas sales, etc. The year ahead is jam packed with Q4 offers, and from a planning perspective an Ecommerce holiday marketing calendar will help to organize your overall organizational infrastructure and provide a better customer experience for your visitors. Bringing better business for you and ease of access to the consumer.


In Ecommerce, (almost) every event is a celebration and understanding which of these events are expected to raise your sales will help you to focus on your customer base and their buying habits. The most important dates connected to your company can be highlighted to help the business reach a profitable annual income. When organizing your company’s year its best to start with the basics. But any business must quickly realize and note all holidays and special spending events, and then prioritize their products to fit with the customers wants/needs at that particular time of year. A marketing calendar is essential because it’s the perfect fit for a professional product promotion plan.


Ecommerce Holiday Calendar For 2021

Our Ecommerce calendar for 2021 has all the important events throughout the year marked for you. It’ll help to manage and maintain your market position whilst concentrating your efforts on potential sales dates. Knowing when sales may fall or rise will create the foundation for business success. It’ll help you to generate more sales when selling is forecasted to be low as you can easily align your brand to target the right audience at different periods of the year. The 2021 Ecommerce holiday marketing campaign calendar can be a pivotal part of any research and development process.


Q1 -  The first quarter of your Ecommerce year can be all about communicating and connecting with the consumer. Implement ways to help your costumers to discover your online store by highlighting your promotion plan to suit the sales. Spending sprees could have a great effect on your first quarter period if you can concentrate efforts on building relationships with the buyers. The marketing campaign calendar will help you to encourage retention and retain customer loyalty throughout 2021.

The main calendar months of the Q1 season for your business include:



1st - New Year’s Day [Global]

A new year brings a brand-new start for your company. Online sales at this time of year rise on a yearly basis so build your brands marketing campaigns concerning your customers resolutions. Focus on fitness plan products, and maybe travel products because many people like to visit foreign countries for firework displays, etc.

15th – National Hat Day [Global]

Well what a day for promoting hats on your website. Online stores worldwide have reported a high increase in hat sales on a yearly basis. Selling hats as products on the 15th Jan, can bring you rich rewards.






2nd – Groundhog Day [Americans / Canadians]

The tradition of Groundhog Day is also a great time to apply fun promotions related to the groundhog. Offering discounts on winter clothing or soft toys such as teddy bears can increase Q1 sales.

7th – Super Bowl Sunday [NFL fans / Global]

For many people around the world and especially the American public, the annual championship game is unmissable. An historic sporting event that gets people in the mood to splash the cash whilst they support their teams. It’s reported that 1 in 4 Americans say the Super Bowl should also have its own national holiday. Selling sporting goods via your online store associated with the Super Bowl can help to rocket your profit.

12th – Chinese New Year [Chinese Community / Global]

The second new moon after the winter solstice is when the Chinese New Year festivities begin, and it doesn’t end for 15 days. That is more than two weeks of sales that should be including in your online store marketing strategy for Q1. 2021 in the Chinese calendar will be the Year of the Ox.


14th – Valentine’s Day [Global]

A day to celebrate love. People love to fall in love, and this is a day to sell all things associated. Sort toy love hearts, roses, cards, jewellery, etc, will rocket you Q1 profit once more. A strong marketing campaign should be created for this day alone. See our Valentine's Day graphics

15th – Family Day [Canadians]

Folk in Canada love Family Day. It’s a federal holiday for family time, large family dinners and big parties. Finding products for the full family to enjoy during this holiday will increase sales and deliver good brand ethics / values. 




6th – National Dress Day [Fashion Folk / Global]

Selling clothing, especially dresses on the 6th will provide the possibility for an increase in profits and brand awareness. Including it in your Ecommerce marketing campaign will benefit your business.

8th – International Women’s Day [Global Supporters]

Women’s equality and their contributions to the world can be a great selling day for your store. Running a charity campaign about the movement will also increase brand recognition at a rapid rate.

17th – St. Patrick’s Day [Irish / Global]

Celebrating Ireland’s heritage is a day for sales because many people worldwide like to join in the celebrations and party the day away. All thing Irish will be important products to sell on Paddy’s day, so base your marketing strategy around the Irish and all things green today. See our St. Patrick’s Day graphics

28th – Holi Festival [Global]

Holi is the Hindu festivity of colors. It also celebrates love, fertility and spring. Jewellery and clothing associated with Hinduism will be popular products to increase Q1 sales.


Q2 – The second quarter of 2021 will be getting a whole lot warmer, so concentrating on outdoor and summer clothing will be popular products to raise those profits for the beginning of the Q2 campaign.





1st – April’s Fools’ Day [The Western World]

Selling joke products will raise profits today. Anything with humor will do well in your online store so speculate to accumulate for April’s Fools. Related humor will also increase brand awareness.

4th – Easter [Religious Folk / Global]

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a popular time for product sales too. Selling Easter eggs, bunny’s and clothing, etc, will increase profits and raise brand recognition. See our Easter graphics 

10th – Sibling Day [Global]

Selling related cards and gifts to brothers and sisters will raise sales on Siblings Day, so it should be included in your marketing campaign for Q2.

11th – National Pet Day [Pet Lovers / Global]

A multi-billion-dollar business. Jump on the bandwagon and sell pet products to rocket those profits. Cat and dog collars, toys, treats, etc, will all sell well today. See our dogs graphics


25th – The Oscar’s [Film Lovers / Global]

The Academy Awards Ceremony is a huge event worldwide with many people reminiscing about their favorite movies and indulging in watching DVD’s, etc. Selling Movies in your online store and building brand awareness associated with the awards will certainly increase sales for April.



9th – Mother’s Day [Global]

Celebrated worldwide today is the day for high sales and profits related to cards and gifts. It is one of the biggest spending holiday’s in the world so be sure to include it in your marketing campaign for Q2.

18th-22nd – Eurovision [Europe / Global]

Selling music products and things like flags related to this years countries in the contest will substantially increase your online store sales. Get involved in the festivities and raise brand awareness too.

24th – Victoria Day [Canadians]

A Canadian public holiday that can also increase your profits. selling fireworks can earn you a small fortune today but be sure to apply for that license to sell.

31th – Memorial Day [Americans]

A federal holiday for Americans that can raise your sales and increase brand recognition. Charity events related to the war effort and people serving in the armed forces can create massive awareness for them and for your brand.






20th – Father’s Day [Global]

Another big buying day for folk worldwide. Providing products like cards and associated gifts can create an awesome day for profit.

21st – International Yoga Day [Global]

Yoga has taken over the world and it can take over you bank balance too, sell all things related to Yoga like clothing, mats and associated accessories will seriously increase your online stores Q2 profit. See our yoga graphics 



It’s summertime so start to shine. Sell, sell, sell the summer to the consumer. Anything related to the outdoors and travel will do well in the Q3 season for your Ecommerce business.





1st – Canada Day [Canadians]

Independence Day for Canadians is a great day to raise your brand’s awareness and sell related products. There are many parades and festivities for the holiday so start selling via your store to increase sales in the summer.

4th – Independence Day [Americans]

The main holiday for Americans is an awesome day to increase your brand recognition and sales. The 4th July is a time for celebration, fireworks, food, decorations, party outfits, etc, will all do well in your online store. Running charity events will help to raise awareness. See our USA graphics



9th – Book Lovers Day [Readers / Global]

Start selling those books and watch your sales increase. People put away their smartphones and purchase paperbacks today so including it in your campaign will help to raise sales in the Q3 season.



The Q4 season has been branded the best-selling season for Ecommerce businesses worldwide. Start preparing for the boom and build your brand around Q4. It’s going to get busy so start selling. Special events such as Christmas will seriously increase your profits if you sell the right products.





6th – Labor Day [Americans and Canadians]

Celebrating the achievements of workers. It’s a federal holiday that can increase your brand awareness and improve your sales forecasts. Selling products like BBQ’s and fireworks can bring you riches, and charity events will raise recognition.

18th – Oktoberfest [Germans and Fans / Global]

Selling branded beer and associated products will increase profits and get you recognized worldwide. People love to party so sell happiness with humor and have fun watching your online sales rise. Oktoberfest starts in September but runs through to the 3rd of October, hence the name. See our Oktoberfest graphics






11th – Canadian Thanksgiving [Canadians]

Thanksgiving is a time for family, so sell all related products such as decorations, food, clothing, wine, spirits, etc, and your sales will increase and brand recognition will improve. 

31st – Halloween [Celebrators / Global]

Widely celebrated especially in the Western world. Halloween is an awesome selling holiday for your Ecommerce store. Sell decorations, toys, costumes, etc and watch those profits rocket once again in Q4. See our Halloween graphics






11th - Veteran’s Day and Remembrance Day [Americans / Canadians / Australians / British]

Honoring and thanking the millions of war veterans who served in the U.S. Military and other countries like the above. Charity events will raise your brand’s awareness and selling related products with the funds going to charity would be a great thing to do on your Ecommerce platform.

25th – Thanksgiving [Americans]

A national celebration and a time for family and festivities. Also a great time of the year to improve recognition and increase your Ecommerce profits for Q4. Selling decorations, food, clothing, etc, will certainly benefit your business as well as your customers, so start celebrating. See our Thanksgiving graphics

26th – Black Friday [Bargain Hunters / Global]

Sell, sell, sell on your online store. Electrical items, clothing, and many more products will seriously increase Q4 sales today. Everybody like a bargain so offer yours to the consumer.

29th – Cyber Monday [Bargain hunters – Global]

Another awesome selling day. Offer your customers some bargains and increase sales and brand recognition in the process. These kind of events must be including in an Ecommerce marketing campaign.







24th-25th – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day [Celebrating Countries]

Enjoy the holidays whilst you sit back, relax and watch your sales stats rocket. A time for serious spending sprees as people offer their gifts to family and friends. Selling cards, gifts, decorations, etc, will improve brand awareness and obviously raise your sales. A Q4 period not to be missed. See our Christmas graphics

31st – New Year’s Eve [Global]

The last day of the year and the last day for your Q4 season’s campaign. Selling drinks, decorations, fireworks, clothing, costumes, etc, will seriously increase sales on the last day of 2021.


As you can see, every event is an Ecommerce selling event, so you should set your marketing strategy around the Q4 season’s. Being creative with your Ecommerce calendar can create success for you and your business, and for that reason alone, we’ve including many more dates and events related to Ecommerce and how best to raise your profits throughout the Q4 seasons, so get yours today.


Based on our post Ecommerce Holiday Calendar For 2019.

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