How to Successfully Start Selling Shirts Online

How to Successfully Start Selling Shirts Online!

You have your goals, but how do you get started? With such a competitive online market, it’s important to be aware of why some people are more successful at selling their products, particularly shirts in this example, than others. Here at Blue Penguin, we want to help budding sellers excel and make a profit from something they love.

1. Finalize the features

A bakery wouldn’t only sell the cake mix! Make sure your finished shirt design has everything you need because once it’s on the market, it’s there for good! Customers want quality assurance and consistency, which can only be achieved at the beginning of your process. If you create a product they can trust, they’ll pass on the word to more potential customers! You’ll want to make sure your products are planned out carefully; have you considered what style sells the best? What material is in your budget? Is your design going to be popular? Do the research and you can’t go wrong. A good way to get started is to mock up your shirts before making the final decisions. Thankfully, we wrote a blog with tells you exactly how to do that. You can read about it here.

2. Where to put the wear?

Deciding where you’re going to sell your shirts is extremely important. If you’re appealing to the wrong market or not using the right platform, you’ll lose sales. The type of shirt you are promoting and your intentions for selling will heavily influence how successful you are. So, your next step is deciding what platform you want to sell on. Choosing one that isn’t personalised to your products could mean you’ll struggle massively to target the correct audience and you won’t be able to display the shirts how you’d like. Here’s our criteria for choosing a website to sell on:

  •   How many products? Some platforms will let you sell many items and even create a separate page for you to mock up an online store. However, some specialise in only featuring a few from each seller. It entirely depends on how many products you have and what your intentions are. If you’re looking to sell for a business, then maybe look at making an online store. Otherwise, if it’s more personal, you’ll want something where you can focus your advertisement on just a couple of products. The sites will vary.
  •   Is a profit made? Some websites charge you to showcase shirts or take commission. This isn’t always a negative because this is normally done on the big websites, so effectively you’re paying for free advertisement. The next question is, are you in charge of the sales? You’ve got to consider if you’ll be covering your expenses and how you will be taxed, etc. There’s lots of hidden monetary challenges. We advise that you do some budgeting to make the right decision.
  •   Does it fit your style? Another thing to consider it how your product fits in with the platform. You certainly don’t want to be selling your professional company shirts amongst a clothing website dedicated to hardcore One Direction fan merchandise. An extreme example, but one to consider. We recommend choosing a site that you can modify to suit your aesthetic and one where you can stand out. But, if you don’t choose a site that matches your style, the likelihood is you won’t reach the correct target audience.

We’ve recommended some platforms to sell your shirts on: 

- For free

- For Print on Demand 

- Merch By Amazon 

3. Be the Brand

It’s important to know how you want to be seen. You want to be fully established as a seller before your products are live so you are trustworthy and you have a recognisable aesthetic. That means you’ve researched the terminology and you understand how you’ll come across to the public. There are lots of technical things you’ll need to understand before you can get started but we’ve also got you covered in that department. Look at these tips to keep your shirt designs and selling techniques legal:

- Why you Need Royalty Free 

- Copywriting and Trademarking

- Understanding Terminology

4. Climb the Success Ladder

It’s extremely important to know how to keep things going once you’re set up to make sure those profits keep rising! You could have a stellar online store and well-designed shirts, but you’ve got to keep that quality consistent. This is where other online markets fail. Have you got a development plan and are you aware you the most successful marketing holidays? Do you know how to promote yourself on social media? A part of standing out and getting responses is all about understanding how to grow as a seller. That way your shirts will get all of the attention and you’re guaranteed success! To help you get a better understanding of growth and promotion when selling online, check out these blogs:

- Self-Promotion 

- The Sure Way Make More Profit 

If you follow these tips, and make sure you put in the effort, your online shirt store is guaranteed to be successful! 

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