The Best Types of Graphics for your Online Store

The Best Types of Graphics for your Online Store

There’s a reason that some designs are ‘best sellers’ and are more popular than others. What makes a graphic stand out and appear dynamic? Well, we’ve found the trendiest styles for you to compare. If you were looking for cool types of graphics to sell on your store, then look no further. Here is our list of the best styles to boost your sales and complete your aesthetic.

Dabbing -Dabbing Princess Clipart

This popular dance move has popped up in many musical dances and links back to the rap group ‘Migos’. However, it didn’t become a trend until American Football Player, Cam Newton celebrated his touch down with the signature move and ever since the world has gone crazy for it. We have too, which is why we’re sure using this graphic would make your online store the best yet. What’s even better? There’s no end to the amount of lovable characters you can see dabbing here.



Holidays -Halloween 9 Scary Pumpkin Set Clipart

We love the holidays! In fact, we love them so much, we’ve written a separate list of graphics for each one coming up soon. You can read about that here.
Aside from the treats, drinks, and good company, the best holidays are in Q4, which we’ve just entered. That means lots of people will be shopping for celebratory or season-specific graphics for their gifts. Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, this style never fails to deliver the holiday spirit. It’s impossible not to be popular!


Floss Dance -Dinosaur Floss Cartoon

The floss dance or ‘flossing’ originated from a kid called Russell Horning, better known as the backpack kid, who used to upload videos of him dancing. This craze took a turn and went viral. Everyone is getting involved and trying out this cool dance, so what better way to commemorate this funky movement through a design. These graphics are our best sellers, probably because they’re so versatile and similarly with dabbing, have many recognizable icons doing the famous move.  We’ve got a wide range of these to make your online store dynamic and fun!



Animals -Boston Terrier Clipart

Animals have always been popular and reach out to a big audience. Whether it’s a cute dog like this one, a bold horse or even a cool looking red panda, we’ve got you covered. This diverse collection of animals is sure to pull the heartstrings of customers. The most popular ones have been animated, bringing these familiar faces to life. What a great topic! Check out our collection here


Cute - Sloth Bundle Set Cliparts

If you look closely at our most popular section, you’ll see that there is a recurring theme: cuteness. A lot of our designs have modified the familiar and are extremely popular because they appear endearing. It’s impossible not to love something so appealing and adorable. Having this sloth theme is a sure way to gain instant appeal to your online store


Unicorns -Girly Unicorn Clipart

They’re colorful, vibrant and friendly, what’s not to love? Unicorns have suddenly become vastly popular and to stay on top of the market, this is a must-have. The best thing about these is that there is no end to the different kind of unicorn you can have. This design is sure to reach out and spark some joy, check out our range here



USA -Cool Eagle with American Flag Bandana Clipart

What better way to celebrate the USA. This style is hugely popular because it’s for everyone and showcases lots of patriotic themes. And rightly so. These proud designs showcase the country at it’s finest. Whether it be traditions or politics, we understand what appeals, so we’ve got a design for everything. No wonder they’re trending right now, have a look!

Cool Eagle with American Flag Bandana Vector Cartoon Clipart

Food -Pizza Floss Dance Clipart

Calling all food lovers, which seems to be everyone! Bringing your favorite dishes such as pizza, tacos, and burgers to life, this is a really popular style. These fun and yummy looking graphics appeal to so many people because it already features their favorite thing. This style is also extremely accessible if you were wanting to put it on t-shirts or other types of merchandise. No wonder food is in the best sellers list. 


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