The Best Ways for Graphic Designers to Promote Themselves on Social In 2019

The Best Ways for Graphic Designers to Promote Themselves on Social In 2019

All of your designs are uploaded and properly tagged, but are you seeing the sales you expected? If your experience using print-on-demand platforms like Redbubble and Merch by Amazon has been less than stellar, keep reading for ten ideas to promote your work on social media in 2019.  


10 of the Best Ways to Promote Your Designing Products or Merchandise on Social Media


Whenever you finish a project do you jump over to your social media networks and share it? When you’re in the habit of sharing your work on social media, you increase your chances of capturing the attention of future buyers. Here are ten other ways you can promote your design products or merchandise on social media.


  1. Place the link to your store in your profile! You want to make it easy for people to find your shop if they’re interested in your work.


  1. Create blog posts, case studies, or SlideShares with images of your designs or artwork, client testimonials, and links to your store. Then share a link to your content on social media with a picture attached. Posts with images are known to get more engagement.


  1. Write social posts that elicit interactions by asking questions relevant to your niche. For example, if your designs are geared towards fitness fanatics, ask a question like, “What’s your least favorite piece of equipment at the gym?” You can even poll your audience to find out what they want to see from you next.


  1. Share your designs and completed work on Instagram. Mix it up by sharing photos of finished products or flat lays, and images of your designs only.


  1. Utilize geo-tagging and hashtags to get your images seen by more people.


  1. Brainstorm which brands or people you want to attract to your profile and leave thoughtful comments on their posts.
  2. Produce time-lapse videos to show the process of your work and share them on social media and YouTube. Hand drawn designs are easy to capture with a free app such as Hyperlapse. For digitally designed work, you can use Loom, a free screen and video recording desktop app that works with Chrome.


  1. Partner with influencers by sending them a credit to choose something from your store like a shirt or bag with one of your designs on it. Then ask them to share it on social media and tag your account.


  1. Invest in Facebook ads. Facebook is generally pay-to-play in 2019 unless you have a massive audience. Posting organically is unlikely to get much traction. When creating audiences for your Facebook ads, think about your buyer.
  • What are they interested in?
  • Where do they live
  • How old are they?


These are all elements you can use to create targeted social media ads.


  1. Build out your LinkedIn profile. Each experience section has an area where you can attach multimedia and share your work. There’s also a projects section. Once your profile is completed, start sharing your work in the News Feed of LinkedIn too.


Getting your business or products noticed on the web is hard work, but if you put some effort into social media and focus on the long term you can start to see results!

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