Image File Format WebP

The New Image File Format WebP

WebPis the new image file on the market that offers fantastic formatting. It is the latest technology that is used in image size conversion. This modern image format is providing users with superior lossless and lossy compression for all images currently available on the web. People can now create smaller and richer images that enable websites to load much faster. WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to the usual JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs. The advanced software that is currently providing the fastest images on the internet today has recently been developed by Google Incafter the acquisition of On2 Technologies.

Image File Format WebP

WebP software was initially released back in 2010, but the latest version has been available since April 2018. The update that all computer users can convert to now offers a much smaller file compression format, and with terrific true-color graphics which are much higher quality than the image files like the older JPEG formatting scheme.

A WebP image uses 14 bits for width and height, the maximum image size is 16383 x 16383. And when using the animated WebP it will sufficiently support a 24-bit RGB color with an 8-bit alpha channel. Graphic designers know the true value of using WebP file format for animation as it is both supported by the lossy and lossless compression. It also requires much less bytes than the older formats. Offering byte savings estimated above 60% compared to JPEG/PNG/GIF.

The biggest advantages for the designer is with the WebP the images can be given the extra qualities of JPEG/PNG and GIF formats. When converting the animated GIFs using lossy compression, the image becomes 64% smaller, the lossless makes it 19% smaller, for that reason the images are rich in quality, and the web gets efficiently faster.

Google have made the job easy for the graphic designers and other users by offering a WebP Converter that guides them through the process of making the web experience run faster. By creating a JPEG/PNG conversion kit. The option is now available for everyone to reduce the size of the image file format. The size of the image can be reduced which provides more space to store different images and graphics. With this new software technology you can now upload and share photos easily and efficiently. All files include vector images and digital graphics formats can also be opened in Adobe Photoshop.

The main aspects and fundamental factors of Google’s new WebP converter is that it uses the two conversion methods (lossy/lossless). Both utilize and compress images/graphics to reduced size. The lossy compression method entails the original data of the file. Once an image is converted using lossy compression, unfortunately you cannot revert back to the original size of the image, and the quality of the content may be slightly reduced. But the benefit is that lossy supports a small file format and can also work with other web-tools and plugins like Photoshop. It is possible to use a smaller compression ratio to reduce the size, which works by predicting the color-values to decrease the image However, this type of compression method is best used for data and/or text files as it is a data encoding concept.

The lossless compression method will reduce an image or graphic size without any damage to the file. This type of compression is possible because the additional metadata can be easily removed from the JPEG/PNG image file. There are also different formats that can be used and converted, such as BMP/GIF/RAW. All images in the WebP converter can be reduced in size, and in bulk without any loss in quality by restoring it to its original state.

Installing the converter is an easy process, and many browsers are adding the technologically advanced WebP as it supports good compression, transparency, and it is great for animations. Browsers will clearly show the WebP file extension if it is compatible. Applications such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera do support the format, and Firefox are now very interested. With many other graphics software. Including, Gmail, Google Search, Google Play, Konverter, Photoline, Photoshop, and Picasa all modified for WebP. Users can also load and view files by using, making it easy to convert all image files to whatever size or type. The new file format features enable access to compiled software that converts JPEG/PNG images, and can be used on WebP Android. It is an open source application that also allows users to convert personal image files to WebP by using the command line utility.

WebP has made the process of conversion easy for the user:

  1. Right click on any image or folder, then click Convert to WebP
  2. Select lossy or lossless encoding
  3. Click OK for conversion

To save a WebP image:

  1. Right click on the image – select open image in new tab
  2. Remove the -rw suffix at the end of the URL address bar – press enter to reload
  3. Right click – select save image as, or drag and drop to location

Lossy compression uses predictive coding to encode the image, which is the same process that is used by the VP8 video codec to compress video keyframes. By predicting the values in blocks of pixels, lossy can easily encode the difference from neighboring blocks to create the correct WebP image file format.

Lossless Compression uses the image fragments in order to efficiently reconstruct new pixels. A local palette can be used at formation if no other match is found. This technique provides the conversion with the ability to alternate or maintain the original quality of the image file in use.

Google Inc have created a concept that is positively changing the way people can interact with their images online. Whilst making the process easy enough for everyone to understand.

The web experience with WebP image file format is now be much faster for the user.

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