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Where Can Graphic Designers Find Inspiration?

Where Can Graphic Designers Find Inspiration?

Regardless of being a beginner designer or a long-time professional in the industry, at some point, you’ll be looking for inspiration to kick start or support a project. The best artists out there will research their work intensely, find out what is trending in their current market and also take a quick break from their own work to return back to it with a fresh approach. However, learning where to look can be tricky and very time consuming, so we’re here to help. Here is a list of the best places to find graphic design inspiration.

Graphic design websites are a great source of inspiration and are very easy to access. Some of the most popular sites such as Designspiration and Abduzeedo. Both sites curate and showcase some of the most unique and professional design work on the internet. The sites work as a visual blog, meaning from the moment you open the page, you’ll be flowing with ideas. There’s a broad range of topics and themes on sites such as these and are very much worth checking out. 

If you’re looking for professional examples of graphics, then look no further. We, Blue Penguin, can provide you with an excellent portfolio of designs that are sure to inspire you. We have thousands of graphics that are updated continuously and cover a wide variety of themes. And our blog will give you lots of insights, tips and tricks so that there’s never a dull moment when it comes to the creative process.

Social media sites, such as Pinterest and Instagram are fantastic ways to spark new ideas. These are a great way to find specific inspiration, even when you don’t know what you’re looking for. With social media, sites such as Instagram have hashtags linking all of the content up for you. It’s a clever way to see if particular designs are popular and find patterns in other designers work. Similarly, with a website like Pinterest, thousands of people create mood boards, collating images and art of the same theme, and presents a whole page of inspiration immediately.

The world is a fantastic way of finding content that is already influencing your surroundings. Graphics are everywhere! Look for adverts, pictures in galleries or even on your clothes. It’s easy to forget how much is already around you and the likelihood is, those illustrations, logos and advertisements have been designed by a graphic designer. Next time you watch television, open a can of beans, or even wait for a bus, look out for those colorful pictures, bold fonts and animations that surround you in everyday life. You might just find your next masterpiece.

Lastly, we recommend that you check out graphic design orientated blogs. These will be a great place to find designs showcased. Usually, when you need inspiration, too many designs can be overwhelming, so researching blogs and magazines are a great way to focus on a specific topic, as well as learn more about the process. We suggest you check out Creative Overflow and Inspiration Grid. Both feature hundreds of different designers and showcase their work. These are accompanied by a short written piece on the steps taken to achieve the finishing product and where they found inspiration. It’s a great chance to step into other designers’ shoes so you can see your work with a fresh face when you return to the designing process.

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